How to Trap a Groundhog?

Answer If your garden or farm's crops have recently seen damage, you may be looking how to trap a groundhog in order to remove the animal from your area. Groundhogs, otherwise known as woodchucks, use bur... Read More »

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How to Get Rid of a Groundhog?

Groundhogs can be major pests around the house and in the garden, eating vegetables and burrowing under the lawn. While many people recommend shooting the animals or using carbon monoxide canisters... Read More »

What does a groundhog look like?

Groundhog Habits?

Groundhogs are the biggest animals in the family of squirrels. They are also known as woodchucks or marmots. As creatures that hibernate for the winter, groundhogs stock up on food during the summe... Read More »

How many coats of fur does a groundhog have?

Groundhogs have two coats of fur that help to keep them dry and warm. The bottom coat is dense with a wool-like texture, while the top coat is coarser and longer. Their top coat commonly features a... Read More »