How to Transport Bicycles in a Truck?

Answer Outdoor enthusiasts often enjoy riding their bikes in the mountains, parks or other bike-friendly locations. As a cyclist, most often driving to your favorite spot to ride can be a hassle if you do... Read More »

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How to Transport Groceries in the Back of a Truck?

Have you ever placed plastic bags full of groceries in the bed of your truck and tried to drive home? Did they open, crash and break against the sides of the truck with every turn you made? Here is... Read More »

How many gallons of propane are hauled on a transport truck?

According to the Propane Education and Research Council, the average propane delivery truck, called a bobtail, has a capacity of between 750 gallons and 6,000 gallons. These trucks carry propane fr... Read More »

Can I transport a propane tank long distance in my truck?

Yes, secured upright in a ventillated space is correct. Make sure the service valve is turned off and a cap or plug is on the connection to keep foreign material out. If you can open the cover, tha... Read More »

What kind of permit is needed to transport a truck?

If you plan to transport a vehicle, it is important that you obtain a United States Department of Transportation number from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Transporting vehicles i... Read More »