How to Transplant Wild Apple Trees?

Answer Wild apple trees can be found growing in forests or fields, typically near orchards or other clumps of apple trees. The seeds are distributed in these areas by birds and animals, where they begin t... Read More »

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How do I transplant wild dogwood trees?

The Right Tree and the Right LocationAsk permission before removing any plant or small tree from a wild location. Once permission has been granted, choose a very small dogwood and select a spot in ... Read More »

How do I transplant wild pine trees?

Get Permission Before TransplantingAsk permission before taking any wild tree and transplanting it to a home garden. Many nature preserves and public parks prohibit the removal of any wild plant. H... Read More »

How do i transplant apple trees in the east?

Timing and Prepare SoilTransplant apple trees in the late fall through the early spring in the East, which is the period of the tree's dormancy. Dig the new hole twice as wide as the root ball and ... Read More »

How do I trim wild apple trees?

Remove any dead, damaged or diseased branches and dispose of them away from any other trees to prevent the spread of disease. Choose the leader--the tallest, fastest growing vertical branch from th... Read More »