How to Translate Hebrew Into English?

Answer Hebrew is a remarkably poetic and fluid language because most nouns and verbs are based on a three-letter root, or "shoresh." The shoresh has a generic meaning that is only made specific by the pre... Read More »

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Is there an English translation of a Hebrew New Testament?

There are a number of different websites that offer a Hebrew-to-English version of the New Testament that show the translations from Hebrew to English. There are also standard English versions of t... Read More »

How to Write English Names in Hebrew Letters?

The process of writing a word in one language using the alphabet of another is called transliteration. To transliterate an English name into Hebrew, you must choose the Hebrew letters which most cl... Read More »

How to Translate French to English?

Whether you are planning a trip to France, work at a company with an office in Paris or are trying to decipher a note from a French pen pal, you will need to know how to translate French to English... Read More »

How to Translate English Into Another Language?

There are hundreds or thousands of languages spoken in the world. If you want to express yourself in any of these languages, there are simple steps that can make translation easier. While there are... Read More »