How to Translate English Into Korean?

Answer Korean is the official language of South and North Korea. More than 72 million people worldwide speak the Korean language. For people whose native tongue is English, Korean can seem intimidating. N... Read More »

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Translate to Korean from English?

소중한 친구야 _____~! 잘 지내고 있지? 맨날 집에만 박혀있는건 아니길 빌어... >.>좋은건 아니지만 너가 살빼려고 한다고해서 티좀 사봤어. 괜찮았음 ì... Read More »

Korean speakers! Can you translate this sentence please?

흑인 means black man형 means big brother귀요미 means cutie.So basically it says the black guy is a cutie

How to Translate French to English?

Whether you are planning a trip to France, work at a company with an office in Paris or are trying to decipher a note from a French pen pal, you will need to know how to translate French to English... Read More »

How to Translate English Into French?

Translating English into French covers a broad range of essential French verb conjugations and tenses. For every English verb, there exists a French pattern for conjugating the verb into different ... Read More »