How to Transfer a Wireless TV Signal?

Answer A television signal can be transferred from one TV to another video display, providing that both have video inputs and outputs. A wireless transmission system can transfer the signal and is availab... Read More »

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Can I get ethernet service from a wireless signal through a wireless router?

No. Your spare wireless router will only transmit the network connection, it won't receive a network signal and send it back out through the wired ports... you would need an access point device to ... Read More »

How to Transfer a Cable Signal to a Second TV?

If you have a single TV hooked up to your cable connection---but have more than one TV---you are not getting the most out of your cable service. Cable companies would gladly charge you to come over... Read More »

How to Use a Wireless Signal Extender on a PS3?

The Xbox 360 console is one of the most used gaming systems in the world. However, you won't be able to play your games with a faulty AC adapter. While there may be issues with the wiring in the ac... Read More »

How do i find a wireless signal?

Hotspot DetectorsPurchase and use a Wi-Fi hotspot detector. Wi-Fi detectors are relatively inexpensive, usually under $50. Detectors can locate Wi-Fi hotspots and provide information on signal stre... Read More »