How to Transfer a Lump-Sum Annuity Payout?

Answer Annuities are designed to provide you with an eventual income stream, but you can also cash in your annuity and transfer your lump sum to a new account. If you funded your annuity with tax-deferred... Read More »

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Variable Annuity Payout Options?

If you have money within a variable annuity, you can choose any of several different payout options when you retire. Your selection of a payout method will depend on your particular individual fina... Read More »

Is there a penalty for taking a lump sum payout on a pension at 55?

Yes. If you withdraw funds from your pension account when you are 55 years old, you will incur a 10 percent penalty on the withdrawal. Together, taxes and penalties will consume approximately 45 pe... Read More »

Should I Take a Lump Sum or an Annuity Payment?

In the days before the Internet, digging up primary research materials from print and broadcast media was an arduous, time-consuming and expensive task. Unearthing primary resources often meant mon... Read More »

How to Transfer a Variable Annuity to an IRA?

There are several reasons why the owner of a variable annuity might want to shield the annuity contract inside a traditional or Roth IRA. Annuity contracts that are housed inside Roth IRAs can be w... Read More »