How to Transfer a Gamertag From One Xbox Hard Drive to Another?

Answer Xbox 360 consoles are distributed by Microsoft Corp. and use "Gamertag" player profiles to identify users of the Xbox Live online gaming service. You can "recover" a gamertag from the Xbox Live ser... Read More »

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Can you transfer your data from your old gamertag to your Xbox Live gamertag?

Data such as achievements and gamerscores can't be transferred between Xbox Live gamertags. You can, however, change your existing gamertag to a new name, retaining all data, through the Xbox 360 d... Read More »

How to Transfer Music to an Xbox Hard Drive?

In addition to storing such files as game saves and player profiles, the hard drive for the Microsoft Xbox 360 can also save music that you can play back later on your console. You can copy digital... Read More »

How to Transfer Files to an XBox 360 Hard Drive?

Transferring files to your Xbox 360 console can increase productivity and turn your gaming system into a full-fledged media center. Most people would like to get their music, movies, and pictures o... Read More »

How to Transfer Your Gamertag to Another Xbox?

A gamertag represents your Xbox LIVE online identity and is the first thing other users see when you send them a message or join a game. You can load your gamertag onto any Xbox 360 in order to log... Read More »