How to Transfer a Car as a Gift in Missouri?

Answer You can give your car to anyone you want to through gifting, but Missouri has specific requirements for recording the transfer. Even though no money has changed hands, a new certificate of title fo... Read More »

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How to Sign a Title Transfer for a Car in Missouri?

Transferring a car title in Missouri is an easy process that changes the legal ownership of a vehicle. When re-titling a vehicle, you must notify the Missouri Department of Revenue within 30 days o... Read More »

How to Transfer Real Property in Missouri?

Transfer of real property, also called conveyance, is rather easily executed. If you have a piece of real estate in Missouri and you wish to add someone to the deed, or if you wish to transfer the ... Read More »

How to Transfer Property as a Gift in California?

Gifting property to someone other than your spouse in the state of California can have significant tax implications. While California does not have a gift or inheritance tax, the federal government... Read More »

If you cancel full coverage on a financed vehicle and transfer it as a gift will the new owner be required to get full coverage on the car?

%DETAILS% Answer You cannot transfer the title while the lender has a lien on it and they will NOT release the lien until the loan is paid off. They will also NOT allow any names on the title that... Read More »