How to Transfer Songs From a Flash Drive to an iPod?

Answer Flash drives today are capable of storing hundreds, if not thousands of songs. If you have songs on a flash drive that you'd like to add to an iPod, you may be wondering how to do this. Transferrin... Read More »

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How big of a flash drive would i need to transfer about 1000 songs from my pc to my mac?

6GB should be a safe size. Maybe 4gb, if you use high compression

How do you transfer your old songs off your ipod to new your itunes library after buying a new laptop because some of the songs say they aren't aurthorised?

Use the latest version of iTunes and go to the Store menu. Then either Sign In if you aren't already. If you are signed in, hit "Authorise computer" and re-enter your password. Then try transferrin... Read More »

How do you transfer songs from your ipod to a new computer without losing your songs?

Use this iPod-to-computer transfer - Tansee iPod Transfer. It has helped me transfer all songs on iPod to my new computer computer perfectly. I am especially impressed by its easy, complete and sec... Read More »

How many songs fit on a 1 GB flash drive?

According to CF Gear, a 1 GB flash drive can hold up to 64 MP3 songs. The number of songs that actually fit will vary depending on the length and quality of the songs.References:CF Gear: How Much D... Read More »