How to Transfer Palm Treo Phone Contacts to a Droid Phone?

Answer Smartphones are designed to give you the whole gamut of modern telecommunications right at your fingertips---the only problem is getting the information on there in the first place. Luckily, the Pa... Read More »

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How do I transfer Palm phone information to another Palm phone?

Transfer information, including files, from one Palm device to another using the "Beam" function. Tap the upper left-hand corner of your screen for a drop-down menu that will include "Beam (item)."... Read More »

How to Get a Palm Treo Flash Phone to Work With Other Providers?

If you want to use your GSM-enabled Palm Treo flashed phone on a different carrier's network, you must obtain a SIM unlock code before you can place a different carrier's SIM in the phone and regis... Read More »

How to Erase All Contacts on a Palm Treo?

If you have hundreds of contacts that you want to delete, it would be enormously time-consuming to have to delete each contact individually. On a Palm Treo, the only way you can delete all your con... Read More »

How do i transfer photos from a palm treo 700p to a memory card?

Remove the dummy memory card from the top of the Palm Treo 700p by pushing it in, then releasing it. The card will pop out so you can remove it. Insert a memory card into the top of the Palm Treo... Read More »