How to Transfer Palm Treo Phone Contacts to a Droid Phone?

Answer Smartphones are designed to give you the whole gamut of modern telecommunications right at your fingertips---the only problem is getting the information on there in the first place. Luckily, the Pa... Read More »

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How to Get a Palm Treo Flash Phone to Work With Other Providers?

If you want to use your GSM-enabled Palm Treo flashed phone on a different carrier's network, you must obtain a SIM unlock code before you can place a different carrier's SIM in the phone and regis... Read More »

How do I transfer Palm phone information to another Palm phone?

Transfer information, including files, from one Palm device to another using the "Beam" function. Tap the upper left-hand corner of your screen for a drop-down menu that will include "Beam (item)."... Read More »

How to Erase All Contacts on a Palm Treo?

If you have hundreds of contacts that you want to delete, it would be enormously time-consuming to have to delete each contact individually. On a Palm Treo, the only way you can delete all your con... Read More »

How do I Transfer Photos From a Palm Treo 700P to a Memory Card?

The Palm Treo 700P is similar to other smart phones in that it offers Internet access, email capabilities, Windows mobile software and a full QUERTY keyboard. While users cannot transfer media dire... Read More »