How to Transfer Mail to Another Account and Delete a Gmail Email Account?

Answer If you are unhappy with Google's email service Gmail, you can permanently delete it from your Google Account. Deleting your Gmail email account may be a concern if you are worried about losing impo... Read More »

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Can you delete a facebook account permanently and open another account using the same email address?

Technically, yes. Because no personal data of yours should remain saved.

How to Set Up Another Email Account on Pldi.Net With Gmail? emails belong to the Pioneer Internet service, which partners with Google to supply its email accounts for subscribed customers. You can create multiple email accounts using your Pioneer s... Read More »

How to Transfer My Google Voice Number to Another Gmail Account?

Google Voice is a free telephone call management service that lets you have a single phone number to make calls to landlines, mobile phones and Voice Over IP, or VoIP, phones. You can send text mes... Read More »

How do I transfer an Outlook email account to another computer?

Copying the Outlook FileClose Microsoft Outlook if you have it open. Right-click on "Start," and click "Explore" or "Open Windows Explorer." Navigate to your "\Documents and Settings\(user)\Local S... Read More »