How to Transfer Legal Guardianship?

Answer In some cases you can legally transfer guardianship without involving a court. Guardianship laws vary from to state to state, and many of those laws do not involve a court. Depending on the law, yo... Read More »

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Is a guardianship legal if biological parents were not served with petition for guardianship?

Guardianship is legal when the judge says it is. An attempt must be made to serve the biological parents but if service is not possible for whatever reason an argument can be made to the judge to g... Read More »

Can a person who has guardianship of a minor from the legal parent in turn appoint guardianship to someone else without the consent of the original parent?

Answer No! I am a child of divorced parents and that can not be done. trust me i know! I am 16 years old!

Minor Child Legal Guardianship & Legal Rights of Parents?

Legal guardianship of a minor child is normally established by a probate court. Through a court order a person other than the child's parents is given the right to care for the child until the term... Read More »

How to Get Legal Guardianship of a Minor?

All children should have a stable home environment. So, what happens when the biological parents are unwilling or unable to provide that environment? You can step in and become a legal guardian. In... Read More »