How to Transfer Gas From Tank to Tank?

Answer Running out of gas can leave you stranded and embarrassed; especially if you aren't near a gas station. If this happens to you, ask someone to help. You can easily transfer gas between two gas tank... Read More »

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How to Transfer Fuel Into a Higher Tank?

Transferring fuel from one tank to another can be done using gravity or, if the recipient tank is higher than the original tank, using a powered liquid pump. You can use a manual or electric pump, ... Read More »

How to Transfer Fuel From an Underground Storage Tank?

It is a pretty simple process to transfer fuel from an underground storage tank if you exactly follow the correct steps, but it is extremely dangerous if you do not know what you are doing. There i... Read More »

Fuel Tank Transfer Federal Regulations?

Fuel tank transfers occur at airports, fuel depots, on the water and even in a person's back yard. Fuel tank operators are expected to abide by government regulations relating to fuel tank transfer... Read More »

Can u use a small propane tank as a paintball tank?

You could if you know what the right pressure for paintball is, and you can control the output pressure from the tank. Don't attempt it unless you are certain you can do it safely.