How to Transfer Data from Windows to Linux?

Answer If you want to transfer data from a Windows machine to a Linux computer, you need to network the devices using Samba. Samba is a connection protocol for linking Unix-based operating systems and Win... Read More »

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How to Transfer Data to a New Computer With Windows Vista?

To transfer data from Windows Vista to a new computer installed with Windows 7, you can set up the network and workgroup capabilities to share files stored on the old computer's hard drive. After p... Read More »

How to Manage Data for Reinstallation Using Windows Easy Transfer?

Windows Easy Transfer supports Wipe-and-Load Migration. This allows you to preform a custom install and reload your data and settings. Here is how it works.

How is the direction of data flow different for data transfer for mp3 players and digital cameras?

MP3 files are downloaded from the PC to the MP3 player, in contrast to a digital camera, which transfers or uploads data to the PC.

How to Transfer Data to an LG CU400 Using a USB Data Cable?

The LG CU400 is a clamshell-style mobile phone that was offered by Cingular Wireless. Although Cingular Wireless is no longer around, you could still use their branded handsets on the AT&T Wireless... Read More »