How to Transcribe Text?

Answer Learning to listen to a tape or digital file and typing word for word what you hear is known as transcribing. Common transcription jobs include typing up audio tapes from board meetings or from a ... Read More »

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How to Transcribe Music by Ear?

Transcribing music by ear can be a hit-and-miss challenge if you don't happen to have perfect pitch. Some people are born with the ability to hear a note and be able to name it, but most people dev... Read More »

How to Transcribe a Deposition?

A deposition is the legal record of testimony; prepared by either a court reporter or an electronic recorder. When the document is being taken down, it is coded in shorthand. With the right softwar... Read More »

How to Transcribe a Song?

Transcribing a song can be either really easy or really hard. To make it really hard, try to transcribe a song exactly the same way it sounds on the recording. To make it easy, just take what you a... Read More »

How to Transcribe Data?

Transcribing involves listening to recorded data and typing out exactly what was said. You may have to transcribe notes or interviews for a project in college. There are also professions that will ... Read More »