How to Train to Be an Electrician in Your Home?

Answer If you would like to change your career path, there may be a way you can accomplish this from the comfort of your own home. People increase their education, self-worth and marketability in the job ... Read More »

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Do I need an electrician license for my own home?

Much depends on where you live, though most state, city or town codes in the United States require that all electrical work meets NFPA codes; and some locales require that licensed electricians do ... Read More »

Job Description of a Mobile Home Electrician?

Mobile homes come equipped with factory installed wiring systems and codes identical to site-built homes. Mobile home electricians maintain and repair these systems. Based on data found at salary.c... Read More »

What is the difference between a certified electrician&a licensed electrician?

Becoming an electrician takes more than a quickie tech school course. Electricians must undergo years of on-the-job training as helpers, apprentices and journeymen to become master electricians. Ce... Read More »

What if you refuse to train for combat medic in army my granddaughter completed boot camp and has now decided to refuse to train for combat medic and just wants to come home to boyfriend?

She's training as a "Healthcare Specialist", not a Combat Medic. She can refuse to train if she wishes. Of course, she'll have to face the music. If she fails to report in, there'll be administrati... Read More »