How to Train to Be a Piercer?

Answer Body piercings are a form of body art. From the look of the jewelry to the placement of the piercing, becoming a professional piercer enables you to create a work of art on every person you pierce.... Read More »

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How to Become a Body Piercer?

Body piercing is an art form that many people use to express themselves. Body piercers, who may also be referred to as body modification artists, most often perform this work. There is more to the ... Read More »

How to Find a Good Piercer?

There are a lot of bad piercers out there and a lot of people who don't know how to spot them. Going to bad piercer means risking infection, rejection, migration, scarring, delayed healing, AIDS, h... Read More »

Can a piercer change out my earrings after 3 days?

Don't change them yourself as the other answer advised you too! That could easily cause infection since there is no way everything would be sterile.What idiot piercer put big hoops in your lobes? D... Read More »

Does a tattoo artist or piercer get good money and does it require college?

It depends on your talent and the location of your studio. It also depends a great deal on your ability to be confident with all sorts of people and exhibit a measure of charm. It will take up a LO... Read More »