How to Train for Tree Climbing?

Answer Tree climbing is a recreational activity that is also an effective workout. Though it is not overly physically demanding, conditioning is necessary to improve technique and also to ascend and desce... Read More »

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How do I train climbing roses on a trellis?

Choosing a TrellisChoose the trellis or support. Make sure the trellis will hold the weight of a mature rose, especially during wind or rain. Also consider whether you will be able to easily access... Read More »

What knot do I need to use for tree climbing?

Different knots are used to meet the needs of the tree climber. The figure of eight knot is great to use to connect your harness to the rope or to add a karabiner to the rope. The clove hitch knot... Read More »

In the UK(Scotland) What happens if I'm caught walking on train tracks or climbing down off the platform to--?

For trespassing on the railway, the maximum criminal penalty is a fine of one thousand pounds.(Ref:… )You could also be sued by the railway company for th... Read More »

How to Train a Mesquite Tree?

Mesquite Tree trimming is a art that is needed due to it being a common species in dessert towns. Training a mesquite tree when young is important to keeping our trees until mature, never needing r... Read More »