How to Train a Catahoula?

Answer Catahoula leopard dogs are not among the most common of breeds, but they are on the rise as family pets and show dogs. Originally bred in Louisiana to work wild hogs and cattle, Catahoulas are ener... Read More »

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Leopard Catahoula Puppy Information?

The leopard catahoula is a high energy, agile breed of dog named for its short-haired spotted coat. Catahoula puppies require lots of attention and strict boundaries to adjust to life with people, ... Read More »

Which do you prefer the train"Light" on Shinkansen or the train "Hormany" on Wuhan-Guangzhou line?

It depends on where I want to go :-)On the other hand: The Wuhan-Guangzhou line uses trainsets derived from the Shinkansen, so actually the ride should not be too different.

Have you ever pulled the alarm chain on a train. In order to get a non-stopping train to stop at your station?

What a stupid idea. All you would achieve would be to delay all the trains behind the one you were on whilst the emergency stop was investigated and the brakes reset, a knock on effect which would ... Read More »

I have a set of nathan k3la train horns and i would like to know if i honk back at a train if it is illegal?

Probably not legal in most states. But, it's also up to the individual officer to cite you for it. What is harsh and unreasonable to one may be funny to another. The train crew would probably fi... Read More »