How to Train Your Magic Level in Runescape?

Answer Leveling up your magic skills is one of the most important things you can do in RuneScape, but what is the best way to do it? Read on to learn how to develop your magic skills at all levels of the ... Read More »

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How to Train Magic at Iron/Steel Dragons on RuneScape?

Some of you may be ready to train magic and lose a lot of money. Here is a way you can make a ton of money even more then 33m depending on drops.

How to Train Magic Using Fist of Guthix in RuneScape?

Whether you are leveling all your skills or raising a mage pure, Magic is a great skill to train, and allows you to enchant, attack, teleport, and cast special spells. Fist of Guthix is a great way... Read More »

How to Raise Your Combat Level in Runescape?

This will show you how to get a good combat level in Runescape fast. This guide will make it take a shorter amount of time to get your combat level up than other guides. Happy leveling!

How to Get Your Cooking Level up for Non Members on RuneScape?

How to get your cooking level up quickly without being a member