How to Train Dachshund Puppies?

Answer Dachshunds are a very old breed known for being full of personality--and for being notoriously difficult to train because of their stubbornness and independence. Understanding their background can ... Read More »

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When do Dachshund puppies stop growing?

Dachshund puppies generally reach their full height at around seven months old. After that, they will usually continue to build muscle and gain weight until their first birthday, when growth will l... Read More »

How to Potty Train Dachshund?

A popular breed of dog, dachshunds are sometimes referred to as wiener dogs because they have a long tube-like torso that contrasts with their short legs. Potty training these dogs can be a challen... Read More »

How to Potty Train a Dachshund?

Dachshunds are cute little suckers but they are also very stubborn. They're actually pretty easy to potty train, it just takes time and patience.

Could I bring my miniature dachshund on the light rail train in N.Y.?

Light Rail in NY??? Where??? There are no light rail lines in NY (yet).On NJ Light Rail lines (Hudson-Bergen, Newark and RiverLine) the rule is:"PETS - Only service animals accompanying customer... Read More »