How to Train As a Barber?

Answer There are plenty of reasons why one would want to become a barber. In an economy in which jobs that cannot be sent overseas are in demand, the occupation of barber is certainly in play. Additionall... Read More »

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How to Choose a Barber?

It's hard finding a barber because there are so many. You need to be careful on choosing the right barber. Here's some advice on how to select the right barber for you!

How to Use Barber Clippers?

Haircuts can become very expensive if you and your kids frequently go to the barber. During hard times, you can save a little money by cutting your and your children's hair yourself. To some, the... Read More »

Who was Jesus' Barber?

How to Use a Barber Strop?

A strop is a long leather strap that's used to help hone a straight razor to a "razor's edge." When a razor's blade is first sharpened, it's ground on a stone and then wiped clean. That edge is the... Read More »