How to Trade Stock Futures & Options?

Answer Stock futures and options are both derivatives. That is to say that their prices are derived from the underlying stock that they represent. When you are buying stock futures or options, you are not... Read More »

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How to Trade In NSE Futures and Options?

Trading in futures and options is an investment strategy best suited for intermediate and advanced investors, but it is not recommended for the beginner. Futures and options either are a hedge agai... Read More »

Advice About How to Trade Futures & Options in India?

The Indian futures market is very similar to other futures markets in that it is divided into options and contracts and further subdivided into call and put categories. Each one has different stren... Read More »

How to Trade Single Stock Futures?

A single stock future is a derivative of an underlying security. That is to say that it is a contract based on the price of an underlying stock, so when you purchase a stock future you do not own a... Read More »

How to Trade Stock Options in European Markets?

Stock options are financial instruments that allow the buyer to sell or buy a certain amount of a particular stock at a predetermined price (strike price) within a certain time horizon. A stock opt... Read More »