How to Trade From My FireRed on "SoulSilver"?

Answer Nintendo's "Pokemon" franchise has maintained a respected continuity among its long-term fans by allowing them to "migrate" Pokemon from past games to their more recent titles. A player can transfe... Read More »

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Does free trade equal fair trade?

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How to Get Cut in Pokemon FireRed?

Having the move Cut can be important in the Pokemon game Fire Red. It will allow you to cut trees and enter that area. The following steps will help you acquire this neat move!

How to Put Gameshark Codes for "FireRed" in VBA?

"Pokemon FireRed" is a 2004 Game Boy Advance remake of the original "Pokemon Red," the first in the Pokemon series. In this series, the player captures and trains monsters to battle against one ano... Read More »

How to Get to Four Island on "Pokémon FireRed"?

"Pokémon FireRed" is the remake of the original "Pokémon Red" version of the gaming series. You control a young Pokémon trainer who aspires to be the Pokémon Master in the world of Kanto. Throu... Read More »