How to Trade Digimon in "Digimon World Dawn"?

Answer "Digimon World: Dawn" and "Digimon World: Dusk" are Nintendo DS games centered around training and battling monsters. Some monsters are only available in each version of the game, requiring you to ... Read More »

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How to do a DNA Digivolution on "Digimon World: Dawn"?

DNA Digivolution is the process of taking two completely different Digimon and fusing their DNA together to create a new Digimon with different stats, attributes and abilities in "Digimon World Daw... Read More »

What Are the Love Evolutions on "Digimon World: Dawn"?

In the game Digimon World: Dawn, and the companion game Digimon World: Dusk, Digimon are able to undergo Armor Evolutions by combining certain Digimon with certain Digi-Eggs. Six Digimon, Armadillo... Read More »

How Do I Get a Mega Digimon in "Digimon World Championship"?

"Digimon World Championship" is a simulation and strategic battle game for the Nintendo DS. You play as a Digimon tamer who captures and trains Digimon for battles. Throughout the game your Digimon... Read More »

How to Get Puppetmon on "Digimon Dawn"?

Puppetmon is a type of Digimon found in "Digimon Dawn." He resembles a marionette puppet with a pole-arm weapon. Puppetmon cannot be found anywhere in the game. Rather, he must be evolved or "Digiv... Read More »