How to Track Songs out of Logic Pro 8 Into ProTools 7.4?

Answer Logic Pro and Pro Tools are two of the most powerful and versatile digital audio programs available for the home computer. Though both programs use a similar multi-tracking layout, each program con... Read More »

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My screen door is falling off the track. The one wheel on the bottom will not go into the track?

Most sliding screen doors have an adjusting screw, some are on the face of the door near the wheel others are on the edge like in this picture… which move... Read More »

How to Translate Sentences Into Symbolic Logic?

Symbolic logic is the simplest form of logic. Developed by George Boole, symbolic logic's main advantage is that it allows operations (similar to algebra) to work on the truth values of its proposi... Read More »

How do I convert WMA songs into MP3 songs?

Online Website ConversionConvert WMA songs to MP3 songs online using an online media converter. Use the "Browse" or "Upload" buttons on the website to upload a WMA song to the online converter. Sel... Read More »

How to Convert ProTools to MP3?

The ProTools editing software is the industry standard for the production of high-quality audio material. However, sometimes you'll want to export to the lower-quality MP3 standard, either for ease... Read More »