How to Track Amtrak Trains?

Answer Tracking your route on an Amtrak train makes it easier for those who might be meeting you at your arrival station to be there at the correct time. Amtrak makes it possible to track the status of an... Read More »

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Which country has more trains Japan or US (not miles of track, strictly trains) Please provide sources.?

The total number of operable locomotives in the United States is staggering and I am not about to try and figure out how to determine exactly how many there are.BNSF: According to BNSF's 2007 Annua... Read More »

Can I use a hair dryer on Amtrak trains?

Yes, you can use a hair dryer on an Amtrak passenger train. To make sure the hair dryer doesn't blow a fuse, bring a smaller, travel-sized hair dryer that uses less wattage.References:Electrical O... Read More »

Do Amtrak trains have showers?

Yes, the long distance trains have showers.Bedrooms and Bedroom-Suites have in-room showers. Common showers for Roomette and Family Bedroom passengers are on the lower deck. Read More »

What is the speed of amtrak trains?

Amtrak trains can typically get up to 100 mph, with the high-speed Acela train topping out at 150 mph. Due to track design and stops, they usually average far less than that, with the average speed... Read More »