How to Tow an Equinox?

Answer Towing a Chevrolet Equinox, whether behind a motor home for recreation or out of necessity, can be accomplished if the right accessories are used. An excellent vehicle for recreation, the Chevrole... Read More »

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When is the equinox?

The spring equinox occurs around March 21 or 22. The autumn equinox happens on September 22 or 23. The equinox happens when day and night are equal lengths. The exact date varies slightly from year... Read More »

My Equinox Key Won't Turn?

An ignition key starts the electrical process of turning your Chevy Equinox's engine on. From time to time the key can be difficult, or even impossible, to turn when you attempt to start your car. ... Read More »

How did the name vernal equinox come about?

The vernal equinox occurs only once a year. In the Northern Hemisphere, it marks the turn of the seasons from winter to spring and from shorter to longer days.Two EquinoxesTwo equinoxes, or days wh... Read More »

When is the equinox in Ontario?

There are two equinoxes each year that happen on the same date everywhere on Earth, including Ontario. The spring equinox occurs around March 21, and the fall equinox occurs around Sept. 22. During... Read More »