How to Tow a Honda CRV?

Answer The Honda CR-V is an incredibly reliable vehicle incorporating Honda's VTEC engine. Honda prides itself on being an engine company first and a car company second. This is exemplified by the fact th... Read More »

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How to Put a 1992-1995 Honda ECU Into a 1989 Honda Civic?

The engine of your 1989 Honda Civic is controlled by a computer that is capable of performing millions of calculations each second. This computer controls everything from the chemicals in the exhau... Read More »

Will a VTEC Honda Civic engine fit in my Honda Prelude?

A VTEC Civic engine will fit in your Honda Prelude with some small modifications to the motor mounts and transmission. If your Prelude is made before 1992, consider a VTEC Civic engine like the B16... Read More »

Do I have to use Honda oil in my 2007 Honda 250 motorcycle?

No. Honda-branded oil and lubricants may be substituted with products from a different brand, providing that the oil meets the lubrication needs required by the motorcycle. The oil used should does... Read More »

Is a Honda JDM different from a USA Honda?

Honda JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) vehicles are created according to the Japanese government's safety specifications and standards. Vehicles that Honda manufactures for the U.S. market are manufa... Read More »