How to Tow a 1986 Chevy S-10 Auto 4WD Pickup on a Tow Dolly?

Answer Towing a 1986 Chevrolet S-10 on a tow dolly is not complicated. It requires properly hooking the truck to a tow dolly so it won't work its way off. Pulling the dolly is the same as pulling any tra... Read More »

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How to Replace Rear Brakes on a 1986 Chevy 1/2 Ton Pickup?

A ½-ton Chevy pickup truck is considered a light-duty truck. The rear brakes on the truck will last much longer than the front brakes, but they will wear out, and you need to replace them periodic... Read More »

How to Repair Manual Fuel Pump on a 1986 Chevy S-10 Pickup?

If the 1986 Chevy S-10 is carbureted, it most likely has a manual fuel pump. The fuel pump is located on the side of the engine block, as opposed to in the fuel tank where electric pumps are common... Read More »

How to Use an Auto Body Hammer & Dolly?

Automotive hammers and dollies are specialized tools in the automotive restoration trade. A wide assortment are available to manipulate metal by removing dents and shaping body contours. Hammers an... Read More »

1986 Toyota Pickup Types?

Toyota trucks were introduced to the American markets in 1964 with a model known as the Stout. Four years later, the Stout was replaced by the Hi-Lux. For the next eight years, until 1976, Toyota g... Read More »