How to Touch Up Stone Chips on a Car?

Answer Stone chips are perhaps the most irritating type of paint damage your vehicle can suffer. The chips, usually caused by small rocks kicked up by passing cars or lawn mowers, are too small to warrant... Read More »

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How to Fix Stone Chips in Car Paint?

Is your car gradually getting more and more stone chips in the paint after each drive? Nothing is more aggravating than seeing fresh paint chips, especially shortly after purchasing a new car. Get ... Read More »

How to Repair Stone Chips on a Vehicle?

Even if you take good care of your car and avoid getting too close to other cars on the roadway, you may still end up with stone chips on the front of your vehicle. These chips happen when car tire... Read More »

How to Fix Stone Chips in Auto Glass?

Sooner or later, most windshields will get hit by a pebble or stone that will cause a small chip or crack. Even minor damage to automotive glass can accentuate glare, which is potentially dangerous... Read More »

How to Touch Up Paint Chips?

Scratches and paint chips are two common problems that most car owners have had to deal with at least once. There are many reasons that your car's paint job may be in need of a little freshening up... Read More »