How to Touch Up Roots Between Colorings?

Answer Getting your hair colored every couple of months can be very expensive for the average salon customer. While the cost may be a concern, many people don't know how much damage can be caused by frequ... Read More »

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How to Cover Roots Between Colorings?

If you color your hair, it's only a matter of time before your roots start showing. Whether you color your hair to create a new image, to cover up grays, or to add volume, shine or dimension, obvio... Read More »

How to Cover Gray Roots Between Colorings?

Coloring your hair can be drying and damaging. Most hair color companies recommend waiting two to three months before recoloring your entire head. While it may be tempting once the color has begun ... Read More »

How to Touch Up Your Roots Between Salon Visits?

Salon hair color is a frequent necessity once you commit to it. Touch-ups are needed every 4 to 6 weeks as root color grows out. A visible line starts to reveal itself, distinguishing your natural ... Read More »

How to Cover Grey Hair Between Colorings?

Covering gray hair can be a pain, especially when you find yourself between colorings with noticeable gray roots. Instead of constantly dyeing your hair, which can be expensive and cause damage to ... Read More »