How to Touch Up Paint Nicks on a Truck?

Answer Vehicle paint often takes quite a beating. Flying rocks and debris, scratches from passing vehicles or pedestrians, or a badly aimed car key can all nick the paint. Aside from being unsightly, pain... Read More »

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How to Apply Touch Up Paint for Pin Hole Nicks on Cars?

Ride with pride and a job well done after fixing paint nicks and chips on your car yourself. Proper planning and materials are the secret for a successful touch-up paint repair. Touch-up paints are... Read More »

How to Touch Up Paint on Your Car or Truck?

When your new car gets an annoying scratch in it, what can you do? You want it to look good, but taking it to a body shop and paying a huge bill for a scratch is just not reasonable. Automotive tou... Read More »

How to Touch Up Nicks With an Airbrush?

Nicks and chips on auto body paintwork are unsightly and can be particularly frustrating for vehicle owners. Unfortunately, the low body profiles on many modern vehicles makes chipping unavoidable.... Read More »

How to Fix Auto Paint Nicks?

Paint nicks and chips are simple for you to fix if you take the time to do it correctly. Nicks can be caused in different ways. You can get a door ding in a parking lot or a small stone can bounce ... Read More »