How to Total a Column in Word?

Answer When creating a document in Microsoft Word, you can choose to add columns to your document in order to break up text. This is a technique used when writing an article or creating a leaflet. When pr... Read More »

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How can we add total of the column in gridview in

You can turn footer on from the properties of gridview and you can add total column summary in the footer

How do I add numbers in a column of Word 2007?

Create a TableCreate a table, as the numbers must be in a table column in order to add them. Go to the "Insert" tab of the ribbon, which is to the right of the "Microsoft Office" button between the... Read More »

How Do I Change the Width of a Column in MS Word 2007?

MS (Microsoft) Word 2007 contains options for formatting a document. Although the usual formatting for a document is unbroken lines going across the page, the data can be broken into columns. Colum... Read More »

Microsoft office word 2007 - Column help!!! ASAP!!!?

columns in microsoft word no matter its version is all the same, say you customized it to 2 columns, your cursor ofcourse will be positioned on the first line of the first column and you will not b... Read More »