How to Torque a Head?

Answer Heads need to be torqued properly so they do not warp, crack or blow a head gasket out. Torquing properly also prevents the head bolts from stretching too far. Heads are made of aluminum and cast i... Read More »

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What is head torque?

Cylinder heads see a lot of stress, and their gaskets must withstand a massive amount of pressure. The head's bolts must be tightened with a precise amount of force ("torque") in order to provide t... Read More »

How to Torque a V8 Head?

To properly torque your V8 engine's cylinder head, you need to install and tighten the head bolts with a special procedure. This is to ensure a tight and even seal for the cylinder head and gasket.... Read More »

How to Torque Head Studs?

Aside from the engine block, an engine's cylinder heads are typically the heaviest components of the engine. Unfortunately, weight is too often confused with durability. What makes a cylinder head ... Read More »

How to Torque Head Bolts?

Head bolts hold the cylinder head to the engine block while maintaining a strong leak-free head gasket seal. The head bolts must be able to withstand the strong forces exerted by the internal combu... Read More »