How to Top Up Water on a Smart Car?

Answer If your Smart car's water coolant tank is not kept adequately filled, you run the risk of your engine overheating and the very real possibility of a costly garage bill and some time driving a renta... Read More »

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Do Fiji Water& Smart Water contain fluoride or chlorine?

Fiji Water does not contain chlorine, but according to its website, it does contain approximately 0.26mg of naturally occurring fluoride per liter. According to the Glaceau website, all fluoride an... Read More »

Does smart water make u pee a lot?

Every type of water makes you pee a lot. It cleanses the system, that's why we pee a lot.

How long does a GE Smart Water filter last?

Change the Smart Water filter in your GE refrigerator at least every six months. If you notice the water flow in your ice maker or water dispenser slowing down, replace the filter sooner.Source:GE ... Read More »

My smart phone: water problem?

If you got it to work, it means that you oppened it... So again open it and by using ether Benzine/purple mathlated spirit.. Try cleaning the whole of it inside using a toothbrush... Avoid putting ... Read More »