How to Tone a Map with Photoshop?

Answer Maps are functional artworks. Toning a map involves adding an overall tint or adding discreet colors to different areas on the map. It is important to maintain legibility and enhance the clarity of... Read More »

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How to Add Sepia Tone in Photoshop?

Adding a sepia tone to an image is an effective way to give a picture a weathered, old-time charm. A sepia tone includes a little more brown and a little more yellow than a normal picture does. Whi... Read More »

How to Make a 3-Tone Silhouette in Adobe Photoshop?

Whether you are creating an ad, brochure or graphic for a website, you will want your images to be as visually interesting and eye-catching as possible so as to draw the reader's or visitor's atten... Read More »

How many calories has a tone of wood pellets and a tone of a gas?

Wood pellets are expressed in Btu's per lb. The typical is 8400/Btu's/lb. 1 BTU = 251.995761111111 Calories One Ton of Wood Pellets would be 8400/lb times 2000 lbs or 16.8 million Btu's/ton 16.8 ... Read More »

Guitar electronics: can you turn a neck tone potentiometer into a bridge tone potentiometer with a switch.?

Harder, but more correct, use a push-pull or coaxial potentiometer. You have two tone controls, one for each, Same for volume. Or a coaxial tone/volume pot for each pickup.But to directly do what y... Read More »