How to Tint Eyelashes?

Answer Tinting eyelashes is a great way to apply makeup on a permanent basis. Many people who are tired of putting on eyelash makeup on a daily basis find tinting to be a particularly effective answer to ... Read More »

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DIY Tint Your Own Eyelashes?

Eyelash tinting is a method of coloring eyelashes. People who choose to tint their eyelashes often do so to darken light eyelashes to match their hair, or for a more permanent alternative to mascar... Read More »

How to Remove Tint From the Windows of a Nissan Murano to Replace With Darker Tint?

Like most vehicles on the market today, Nissan Muranos come with factory tint film already applied to the windows. The tint percentage may not be exactly what you want, which requires you to remov... Read More »

How to Tint Tail Lights With Window Tint?

Tinting tail lights with window tint can give them a smokey appearance. Dark-colored tail lights can be expensive, so why not tint the tail lights you already have? It's cheap and easy. If you get ... Read More »

What kind of eyelashes is better 100% human hair eyelashes or those made of other high quality fiber?

Sometimes first-time wearers often wonder what kind of eyelashes are best. There are many types of eyelashes: mink, silk, human hair, and synthetic, the latter two of which are affordable and avail... Read More »