How to Time a Chevy Inline 6?

Answer The firing order for a Chevy inline 6 cylinder is 1-5-3-6-2-4, and the timing should be 4 degrees BTDC (before top dead center.) The cylinders are numbered in order from front to back. The initial ... Read More »

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Information on Chevy 250 Inline Six?

The Chevrolet inline six-cylinder engine was General Motors' basic powerplant for entry-level Chevrolet cars and trucks. It's part of a long line of straight-six engines dating to 1929 that replace... Read More »

Chevy Inline 6 Performance?

The LL8 is an inline, six cylinder engine that is produced by American auto manufacturer Chevrolet. This engine is used in models such as the Trailblazer and other Chevy sport-utility vehicles.

Chevy Inline Six Specs?

In 1928, Chevrolet and its two closest competitors, Ford and Plymouth, installed four-cylinder engines in their cars. That changed in 1929 when Chevrolet started using in-line six-cylinder engines ... Read More »

Chevy Inline Six Performance?

An inline engine means that its cylinders are configured in a straight line. Chevrolet produces and applies inline six cylinder engines in many of its models such as the 2011 Traverse.