How to Time Single-Cam Bows?

Answer Compound bows store energy in a system of pulleys (called cams) and cables instead of directly in the bow limbs. If the power cable and cams are not synchronized or timed perfectly, the string can ... Read More »

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How much talk time and standby time does the Nokia 206 give (single sim)?

The Nokia 206 has an officially rated:Stand-by Up to 680 h Talk time Up to 20 h Hope this helps!

My friend has bought 14 gazillion bows for her unborn babby. When is it time to stage an intervention?

That's funny, because it's gonna be a boy. I switched out her ultrasound results.

How to Perform a Single Time Step in Tap?

So you want to start tap dancing? One of the most memorable steps is the Single Time Step. From learning this, you can progress onto the Double, Triple and Double Triple time steps. Ready?

What do you think is the single best movie of all time?

I loved Shawshank Redemption but I think it isGONE WITH THE WIND