How to Tile a Stand Up Shower?

Answer If you want a custom designed stand up shower, tiling it allows you to add to the décor of the room simply because you can use various colors or patterns. Tiling a shower is an ideal weekend proje... Read More »

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While putting grout on the shower wall all of the tile fell off. Do I have erect tile dysfunction?

Indeed...The tile may have erect tile disfunction...but for a quick fix I heard that the shower gives good head.note to self - don't give answers that go down the drain

How to Fix a Tile Shower?

Ceramic tile makes a nearly permanent lining for a shower and is often aesthetically superior to a pre-formed shower unit. Tiles can chip, however, decreasing the water-tightness of your shower and... Read More »

How to Tile a Shower?

A tiled shower adds beauty and durability and value to your home. Follow these steps to tile your shower all by yourself. This article covers only a few of the steps needed to properly prepare a le... Read More »

How do I Tile a Shower Hob?

A hob is the small, narrow wall at the bottom of many showers that keeps the water in the stall. The shower stall, including the shower door sit, on top of the hob. In a shower without a hob, the s... Read More »