How to Tighten a Truck Engine Belt?

Answer A truck's engine belt operates accessories such as the water pump, air-conditioner compressor, power-steering pump and alternator. The belt moves these accessories from the crankshaft pulley. With ... Read More »

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How to Tighten Headers on a Truck?

Headers are the portion of the exhaust that are bolted the head or heads of an engine. Headers evacuate spent exhaust gases from the motor into the exhaust system, where they are then routed out of... Read More »

How to Tighten Truck Lug Nuts?

Tightening the lug nuts on your truck can help to extend the life of your wheels as well as the brake drums and rotors. It is important that you tighten the lug nuts correctly, using the right tool... Read More »

How to Tighten a Serpentine Belt?

A serpentine belt controls all of the accessories as well as the cooling fan and alternator on your vehicle. Because the serpentine belt is negotiated through multiple pulleys, it is important to k... Read More »

How to Tighten the Fan Belt on a Saturn SC2?

All Saturns, including the Saturn SC2, don't have a fan belt, so a fan belt really can't be tightened. The one belt that is automatically tightened is the serpentine belt, which is not connected to... Read More »