How to Tie the Ends of the Cords on Venetian Blinds?

Answer Venetian blinds are a mainstream style of window treatment. They are affordable and effective at providing privacy and blocking light. However, this type of blind can be dangerous if the cords are ... Read More »

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How do I fit venetian blinds?

PreparationExamine your window frames for woodwork and fixtures that may determine whether you can hang your window treatments on their interiors or exteriors; all blinds should hang in the same lo... Read More »

Can anyone cut venetian blinds?

On One Hand: Leave it to a ProAnyone can cut venetian blinds, but the outcome might show the signs of an amateur. According to a Perth, Washington-based timber and metal blind business, "many, many... Read More »

How do I hang venetian blinds?

Inside Window CasingMeasure the inside of your window casing across the top, middle and bottom. Record the smallest measurement. Measure vertically on the left, in the center and right side. Record... Read More »

How to Clean Wooden Venetian Blinds?

Wooden venetian blinds are made of flat wooden slats. Like all blinds, wooden venetian blinds can accumulate dust and need to be cleaned on a regular basis. This special type of blinds cannot get e... Read More »