How to Tie an Arrow Release?

Answer Bow hunters and target archers often employ the use of a release aid called an arrow release, or more commonly, a d-loop. This simple device consists of a short piece of string, looped over the arr... Read More »

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The Difference Between the White Arrow & the Black Arrow on InDesign?

When laying out documents in InDesign, a large portion of time is spent positioning, resizing, and reshaping text and graphics. The content, text or graphics, are placed inside text frames or bound... Read More »

Is Percocet an immediate-release or a sustained-release?

Percocet, often spelled percoset, is a combination of acetaminophen and oxycodone, a narcotic analgesic. Both drugs are released into your system immediately. This means that the effects will wear ... Read More »

Homemade Bow & Arrow?

The bow and arrow is an ancient weapon most commonly associated with Native Americans, but was also used by cultures around the world. It consists of a very taut, stringed bow with thin, usually p... Read More »

How to Make a PVC Bow and Arrow?

PVC is a great material for bows. It's flexible and can hold tension very well. Also PVC is readily available to anyone at a cheap and affordable price.