How to Tie a Wild Rag Square Knot?

Answer Watch an old cowboy western movie and you might spot a wild rag. Worn around the neck, cowboys often wore wild rags for sun protection. Wild rags are also referred to as bandannas, or cowboy bandan... Read More »

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How to Tie a Square Knot?

The square knot, also known as the reef knot, is a simple, handy knot for temporary ties. It's best-suited to low-strain applications such as tying your shoes, macrame and gift-wrapping.

How to Tie a Square Knot Necktie?

When it comes to tying neckties, three popular knots used include the four-in-hand, half Windsor and Windsor. According to, the Windsor knot was: "...introduced, but probabl... Read More »

How to Tie a Square Knot in a Neckerchief?

A neckerchief square knot gets its name because the knot looks like a square. You can tie the knot, which rests up against the front of the neck just under the chin, in any neckerchief or handkerch... Read More »

How to Make a Square Knot for a Paracord?

Paracord owes its name to its use in parachutes during World War ll. The nylon cord is now employed as a general-purpose rope, with its uses ranging from utilitarian and survival to jewelry and oth... Read More »