How to Tie a Turk Head Knot on a Whip?

Answer A Turk's head knot is a decorative knot that is created by weaving and looping a single strand of rope. There are several different styles of Turk's head knot, each one is identified by the number ... Read More »

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If someone bangs their head and has a knot....?

Any time you hit your head hard enough to cause a bump there is the possibility of a concussion which is like a bruise on your brain. There is bleeding between the brain and the cranium which puts... Read More »

What could a golf ball size hard knot be on the back of your infants head be?

Unless the baby was dropped and has a serious goosegg then it's more then likely a birthmark. I've seen many new babies with this. Everyone always looks at them like they dropped there baby but tha... Read More »

My son has a knot on the middle part right side of the back of his head he also came up with looks like 3 insect bites on his face what should i do?

No race is more likely to spontaneously have issues with meiosis, and as Klinefelter's is not hereditary (anyone with it is infertile and cannot pass on genes) no race will become more likely to ha... Read More »

If your son hit the back of his head and a very hard knot has come up but no other symptoms except minor pain when you touch it this happened two days ago should you have this checked out by the Dr?