How to Tie a Turk Head Knot on a Whip?

Answer A Turk's head knot is a decorative knot that is created by weaving and looping a single strand of rope. There are several different styles of Turk's head knot, each one is identified by the number ... Read More »

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If someone bangs their head and has a knot....?

Any time you hit your head hard enough to cause a bump there is the possibility of a concussion which is like a bruise on your brain. There is bleeding between the brain and the cranium which puts... Read More »

Which better cool whip or redi whip?

without being too explicit - lets do a tastey taste test .....know what i'm saying! ;-)

What could a golf ball size hard knot be on the back of your infants head be?

Unless the baby was dropped and has a serious goosegg then it's more then likely a birthmark. I've seen many new babies with this. Everyone always looks at them like they dropped there baby but tha... Read More »

How to Make a Right Knot Left Knot Bracelet With Beads?

This is a simple knot that can be used for many things like bracelets, a necklace, a anklet, or even a ring. If you are advanced you might have already learned this easy knot. It is in a lot of dif... Read More »