How to Tie a Silk Maxi Wrap Dress?

Answer In the warm summer months, dresses are not only an elegant fashion staple, but they also help keep you cool when the mercury soars. Silk maxi dresses are reminiscent of the saris worn by Indian wom... Read More »

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How do I make a maxi dress?

FabricSelect bold and wild print fabric for this sleeveless summer dress. Choose a length of fabric that you can comfortably wrap twice around your body and that rests below your ankles. Buy a spoo... Read More »

How tall do you have to be to look good in a maxi dress/skirt?

being shorter is better 5'4 is ideal as maxi skirts make you look taller and if you were heels they will remain hiddenanswer mine pls;…

Is maxi dress and boots a good combination?

I'd say yes just not like the knee high ones. Those never look good.

What do I wear for a 6 hour flight considering that it's Summer. Maxi skirt or Dress Helppp?

Wear what's ever the most comfortable . I usually find planes quite cold so take a jumper as well