How to Tie a Shirt Around Your Head?

Answer Many people spend an entire year planning a Halloween costume, meticulously planning and crafting every detail in exacting precision. Then there are others who don't give it a bit of thought until ... Read More »

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What is the name of the 80's TV series where a man lit up blue when he took his shirt off and swung it around his head when he did?

How to Cornrow Your Hair in a Circle Around Your Head?

Cornrowing, or braiding close to the scalp, creates a classic hairstyle worn by women and men alike. Cornrows offer a range of looks, from straight-back cornrows, usually worn by men, to braided ba... Read More »

If a man gets breast implants, and walks around without a shirt on, does it qualify as indecent exposure?

You stole my question!!I think that everyone should be able to walk around without a shirt if they want to, why not! The fact that people will get into trouble is another story.

Ways to Do a Braid Around the Head?

The beauty of a braid lies in its versatility. You can wear braids as a stylish hairdo, a becoming accessory or as a quick alternative to pulling your hair back. While some braid styles are highly ... Read More »