How to Tie a Rotisserie Chicken?

Answer Rotisserie chicken allows you an alternate cooking method and brings variety to a dinner menu when the same type of meat is used often. As chicken is placed into a rotisserie machine with a heat so... Read More »

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Refrigerated grocery store rotisserie chicken - What are some uses for coagulated chicken fat?

I put it in my mouth and swish it in between the spaces in my teeth until it re-liquifies.Nature's Jello/Scope.

Have you ever put chicken seasoning on rotisserie chicken?

I once put it on a tuna fish sandwich and it tasted like chicken of the sea.

How to Heat a Rotisserie Chicken?

Rotisserie chickens are commonly cooked at holidays or at gatherings. They can feed multiple people, and the slow cooking of rotisserie method leaves the whole chicken tender and juicy. Ovens and m... Read More »

How to Truss a Chicken for a Rotisserie?

Cooking a chicken on a rotisserie produces a juicy and flavorful bird. However, sometimes as the bird cooks, the legs and wings loosen and hang off the body. As the rotisserie turns, the legs and w... Read More »